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Readers Respond: Should Carrier Screening Influence Childbearing Decisions?

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Updated January 25, 2010

Carrier screening allows couples to be prepared for the possibility that their children will have CF. But is it enough information to influence a couple’s decision to have children? When both parents are carriers, their child has a 25% chance of having CF. That’s a 75% chance that he won't. Even if the child does have CF he may live a productive long life as many with CF do these days. What do you think? If you and your partner found out your were carriers, would it affect your decisions about having kids?

What about the abortion option

For many parents that could be the right solution, just in he case of the 25% actually comes true. You check at 11 weeks of the pregnancy by CVS (Chorionic Villus Sampling) and just in case of CF you make abortion. For most of the parents I know (I live in Israel) that is the preferred option. Ori
—Guest Ori

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